About Us

Our Company

DwellTech Industries “Arched Roof Homes” division specializes in the design and construction of affordable and energy efficient Q-Kits arched roof/wall home building packages. While we have an extensive history of building and renovating traditional style homes and businesses, both in BC and in the Caribbean, our passion is perfecting and building a modern version, or better yet, the next generation of the iconic Quonset hut.

At DwellTech we love what we do and pride ourselves in building high quality, thoughtfully designed, low-maintenance home building kits that are available in a number of different floorplans.  Our unique “Arches Building System” reduces material waste and lifecycle costs while improving function, quality, and sustainability.

Our Story

Established in Canada in 2012 DwellTech Industries now has 7 employees and business relationships with a number of highly experienced builder partners that can complete your new home in a timely manner.  Our head office is located in Port Coquitlam, BC and our show home and storage facility is located on 1 acre in the Kanaka Industrial Park in Maple Ridge.

DwellTech’s “Arches Building System” combines state of the art mobile arch forming equipment with the benefits of factory prefabricated metal building components, and large-scale production efficiencies.  All DwellTech models feature continuous full span steel structural roof wall panels that are formed on your build site and machine seamed together for unparalleled structural integrity, durability, and weatherproofing.

Why Should You Work With Us?

DwellTech values our relationship with both our builder partners and the ultimate home owner.  We provide support from the point of our first consultation through to the completion of your project and beyond. We take pride in our work and strive to exceed our customer’s expectations.

The following reasons are why you should work with us:

Location and Areas of Service

DwellTech is a metal building components manufacturer.  Q-Kits packages include the metal structural components and the onsite construction and assembly of the structural panels using our Arches Building System equipment.  All DwellTech arched roof home building packages are designed for construction and finishing by registered building contractors.

DwellTech can provide the build and training support for you designated contactor.  However, please note our standard minimum order is a mix of 6 home packages,. Standard order will fit in a full 40ft Hi-cube trailer.  Contact us for availability of building partners in your area.

Contact us today or call 604.474.4096 to view our show home or schedule a consultation.