Cottages & Small Homes

Why choose a curved roof cottage or home?

Curved buildings complement the natural landscape, and studies show that interiors with increased curvature are perceived as more aesthetically pleasing, energizing and calming. Beyond these intrinsic benefits, curved roofs also:

Nature prefers curves... and so do we

Our prices include construction in the Fraser Valley and the Sunshine Coast. We also service the Gulf Islands, Vancouver Island, Thompson Okanagan and Central Okanagan. If you are located outside these areas, or in Yukon, Alberta or Washington State, contact us to learn more.

Arches Building System

Curved roofs and stuctural steel arches

DwellTech fabricates its continuous, full-span steel roof/wall system on location using the Arches Building System. Available in a number of colour options, the Galvalume (55% aluminum-zinc alloy-coated steel) roof has a projected service life of 300+ years in West Coast climate. Each continuous arch is machine seamed together for unparalleled structural integrity, durability and weatherproofing. No bolts are used in our process.

With a minimum of 30% recycled content, minimal material waste, and unparalleled longevity, an Arches by DwellTech roof is a sustainable choice.

Package Options


  • Arches by DwellTech structural Galvalume® Roof/Wall in choice of colours
  • Arches Foundation Brackets (see below)*
  • Arches Front and back porch
  • Exterior front & back walls
  • Exterior doors and windows
  • Exterior cladding & trim
  • Interior centre shear wall framing
  • Interior ceiling framing and insulation
  • Roadmap to Completion manual**
  • Up to two on-site follow-up consultations


  • All Lockup features, plus:
  • Quality interior finishes, choice of paint colour
  • Cedar shakes and/or Hardie planks exterior finishes
  • Kitchen cabinets, closets & plumbing fixtures
  • Bath fans and range hood
  • Electric baseboard heating
  • All electrical fixtures (majority will be LED)

All models are 13’ high, with 85% of the interior having more than 6’ clearance.

Metal roof is composed of Galvalume® (55% Aluminum-Zinc Alloy-Coated steel) and is available in Hickory, Sage, Weather Copper, Tuscan Red, or Silver.


*DwellTech proprietary foundation brackets are included with all packages. Foundation not included.

** Our Roadmap to Completion manual outlines the tasks, materials and cost estimates for fi nishing your cottage beyond our Lockup package, saving you time and money.

Packages do not include permitting costs, septic costs, landscaping costs, sprinklers or appliances.

TIMELINES: With permits in place, a typical Lockup package can be completed in a 2-3 month timeframe.

ZONING: Zoning is dependent on location, size and use (main building vs. accessory building). Contact your local municipality or district for zoning regulations.

Designs & Floorplans

The Crimini is perfect for a couple or small family. The second room can be used as a bedroom, office, or do double duty as both. The open concept kitchen, dining and living space allow natural light throughout and provide uninterrupted lines of sight from the front through to the back of the cottage, while the curved walls bring a sense of flow and positive energy to the room. Crimini also makes a lovely small standalone home or accessory dwelling.

CLICK HERE to view the Floorplan

Crimini’s big sister, the Crimini II adds an ensuite to the master bedroom at the rear of the cottage for additional comfort, privacy and space. With two bathrooms and two bedrooms, Crimini II makes a cozy vacation home for a 2-to-4 person family, or primary residence for a couple who is looking to downsize. With curved walls and sizable windows at both the front and back, Crimini II has an organic symmetry and pleasing aesthetic.

CLICK HERE to view the Floorplan

Whether you’re looking for a small home with an efficient layout and ample space for day-to-day living, or a recreational cottage that’s spacious enough to make a family feel at ease - the Morel deserves your attention. Distinctive, versatile and affordable, the Morel has an open concept kitchen, dining and living space, along with 3 bedrooms to afford all family members some privacy or downtime. Our signature curved walls give Morel a relaxing atmosphere and unique visual appeal - as well as requiring less energy to heat or cool.

CLICK HERE to view the Floorplan

CLICK HERE to view a Virtual Reality walk through of this home

Our most spacious model, Morel II allows you to live large - with a compact footprint. It features a sizeable ensuite on the master bedroom for additional privacy, comfort and space. Morel II makes a thoughtfully designed, efficient small home or a comfortable recreational cottage that’s able to accommodate up to 5 people with its 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. As with all of our models, an extension can be added to the front of Morel II to further open up the kitchen, dining and living area. With its curved walls and smooth lines, the Morel II has an easy going, welcoming vibe.

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