Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy a DwellTech arched roof home?

DwellTech’s arched roof homes are unique, affordable, low-maintenance, highly space and energy efficient,  functionally designed, and extremely long-lasting.  We have partnered with leading architectural and engineering firms including Morrison Hershfield and Mara + Natha Architecture to ensure that our models are designed and engineered to the highest standards.  We offer exceptional value by including extensive structural pre-engineering, full scale physical testing and architecturally designed layouts for optimal functionality. We also pass along significant cost and material resource savings through our on-site manufacturing process and minimal trades requirements.

What are the benefits associated with a curved metal roof?

The continuous full span Arched roof is made of Truzinc® (55% Aluminum-Zinc Alloy), which is coated with Spectrascape® SMP the combination of which offers superior long term corrosion resistance.  In fact, extensive engineering research is available which shows a minimum projected service life of 60 years in the harshest of environments. When factoring in our west coast climate, the study found that the projected service life exceeds 300 years.

Furthermore, unlike a typical roof which collects falling branches and leaves, our curved rood design helps to keep it debris-free.  In addition since the rain gutters are near ground level, you will never need to climb a ladder to clean them out.

Do you offer a Turn-Key package for your Arched Roof Homes?

No, DwellTech works with builder partners to build your home. Turn-Key may be quoted and services provided through our building partner or these services can be arranged through independent sub contractors. 

The DwellTech standard quote to Lock-up stage includes only the items listed below:

  1. Foundation - including required site preparation
  2. DwellTech custom structural Arch roof/wall panels in TruZinc® coated with your colour choice of Spectrascape® SMP        
  3. 3D representation of how your home would look situated on your site
  4. AutoCAD architectural drawings supplied to your architect
  5. All fasteners and foundation brackets
  6. Interior center shear wall framed with 2"x 6" studs and sheathed in 7/16" plywood. Duplex units include additional soundproofing and staggered stud wall design
  7. Interior walls and ceiling framed in 3-5/8" metal studs   
  8. Spray foam Insulation to R24 - R values available up to R60   
  9. Front and back exterior end walls framed with 2"x6" wood studs and sheathed with 7/16" plywood   
  10. Sub floors to be cement slab unless otherwise specified
  11. All doors and windows supplied & installed  
  12. All exterior cement board cladding and trim on front and back walls  
  13. Roadmap to completion project overview to be provided
  14. Firm “Client Build Quote fixed price contract” to Lockup stage will be provided     
  15. Estimates based on a relatively flat site and build location within 1.5 hours travel time from Port Coquitlam, BC Canada

Costs that need to be arranged and budgeted for that are not part of the DwellTech Lock-up package:

  1. Architectural and engineering drawings associated surveys and inspections required for the building permits
  2. Design, construction and permits for a septic field, or well if required
  3. Electrical – Temporary power hook-up for site during building phase, Interior wiring, fixtures and labour, electrical inspections and permits, and final building hookup to city grid
  4. Plumbing – connection to city sewer system and water supply, or septic field if used.  Internal plumbing and fixtures
  5. Heating and ventilation materials and labour
  6. Kitchen and bathroom cabinets, closet shelving and doors
  7. Interior appliances, bath fan, range hood
  8. Interior trims, drywall and interior wall painting
  9. Interior fire suppression sprinkler system - if required
  10. Site landscaping, retaining walls, driveway, sidewalks, plants
  11. Flooring material and labour
  12. External decks and or stairs unless specified in the build quote above

Do you include a warranty?

Yes, all DwellTech structures come with the following structural and component warranties which are part of the DwellTech build to Lockup package:

How long will it take to complete my Arched Roof Home?

Timelines will vary according to a specific project, location, foundation requirements and permitting processes. Typically, once all engineering and permits are completed, most projects will take between 8 to 12 weeks to reach Lock-Up.

Do you build prefab or modular homes?

No, DwellTech homes are neither modular or prefab… DwellTech’s Arches Building System combines positive aspects of prefab and modular building with the benefits of on-site construction. We prefab some non-structural components of your home in our factory, to avoid weather issues, reduce waste, minimize onsite labour, and ensure highly standardized production. However, the exterior structural components are fabricated on-site and machine seamed using our Arches Mobile Building equipment.  This helps reduce material waste and provides the highest quality roof. On-site fabrication also reduces the costly transport charges associated with shipping prefabricated full span Arched panels.  Full span machine seamed panels is the key to achieving a virtually leakproof roof/wall structure and the ultimate in structural integrity.

How do you make the curved roof?

DwellTech will use its unique Arches Mobile Building System to fabricate your curved roof home right on your building site.  We bring raw coils of high quality TruZinc® metal alloy to your site and roll-form it into 1 foot wide full span panels to the length required for your model. The straight panel is then curved with another mobile bending machine to a set radius based on your model design. Each panel is then machine seamed together to ensure your roof will remain leakproof and to provide the ultimate in structural integrity. In contrast to the many low-cost Quonset style out-building on the market DwellTech construction is not a bolt together system made with small Arched panels.  All our Arches are continuous full-span and machine seamed with no exposed fasteners.  DwellTech is a state of the art residential quality system designed to be insulated with spray foam up to R60.

What kind of buildings does DwellTech offer?

DwellTech Arched roof home designs make great recreational and vacation rental properties. We currently offer a full range of sizes and floorplans, which includes 7 standardized models. Floorplans are available that are perfect for use as cottages, cabins, in-law suites, guest houses, duplex accommodations, ocean-side resorts, laneway houses, and secondary or accessory dwelling units. With the current unprecedented demand for rental suites, DwellTech’s homes make ideal mortgage helpers.

Are DwellTech homes built to code?

Yes. All DwellTech models are designed and constructed to meet or exceed all applicable building codes. DwellTech has partnered with leading engineers and architects to ensure your home or cottage has been designed and engineered to the highest quality standards.

Does the curved roof/wall design create a low ceiling?

No, in fact you will have up to 11′ of clearance. Proper positioning of counter tops and furniture allows very efficient use of space. Less than 15% of the interior space has clearance under 6ft, and that is right next to the wall where there would typically be no walking or congregating in a traditional dwelling anyway. The remaining 86% of space is over 6ft, with more than 56% of that being over 10ft in clearance. The curved roof/walls actually help reduce the amount of costly building materials required, and reduce energy costs for heating. Why pay for extra building materials just to provide a high corner for cobwebs to collect?

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Will the metal roof be noisy in the rain?

No, metal roofs are commonly used today in many residential and commercial applications. The use of spray foam insulation also helps to provide great sound barrier.

What materials do you use to finish the exterior?

The curved walls and roof are made of TruZinc® (55% Aluminum-Zinc Alloy) coated with Spectrascape® SMP for superior corrosion resistance. The front and back exterior wall panels feature a drainage plain moisture control system and your colour choice of fiber cement lap siding or shingles.

Do you have other designs?

Yes. DwellTech has a number of additional designs – including a 3 bedroom floorplan – that are not currently featured on our website. These designs can be viewed on request – simply contact us to learn more.

Where can you build a DwellTech home?

Essentially anywhere, however, zoning requirements do vary between municipalities. The Arches Mobile Building System is completely portable. It does require some space to operate. Therefore, some densely populated urban areas are not ideal. Contact us today at 604.474.4096 to determine if we can build on your site. Currently DwellTech’s main construction area is the Sunshine Coast and throughout the Fraser Valley and Lower Mainland. However, depending on the size of your project and availability of building partners in your area we will consider other location builds.

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