DwellTech Arched Roof Homes

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Built to Lock-up on your site

DwellTech Arched Roof Homes are fabricated on location by a combination of DwellTech staff and authorized DwellTech Building Partners using its unique Arches Building System™. This is a patented, continuous full-span steel roof/wall building system. Each continuous arch is machine seamed together for unparalleled structural integrity, durability, and weatherproofing. No exposed bolts are used in our process.

7 Models to Choose from:

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Porcini Duplex
530 sq.ft. Total each side 265 sq.ft.
2 Single Bedroom
1 Bathroom Suites

596 sq.ft.
2 Bedroom
1 Bathroom

740 sq.ft.
2 Bedroom
1 Bathroom

Portabella Duplex
718 sq.ft. Total each side 359 sq.ft.
2 Single Bedroom
1 Bathroom Suites

848 sq.ft.
2 Bedroom
2 Bathroom

899 sq.ft.
3 Bedroom
1 Bathroom

1006 sq.ft.
3 Bedroom
2 Bathroom

All Arched Roof/Wall Home models are available in TruZinc® coated with your choice of the following colours of Spectrascape® SMP. All backed by a 40 Year Roof/Wall Limited Warranty.

Standard Lockup Stage Estimate

Lockup stage estimates to include the following:

  1. Foundation - including required site preparation
  2. DwellTech custom structural Arch Roof/Wall panels in TruZinc® coated with your colour choice of Spectrascape® SMP
  3. 3D representation of how your home would be situated on your site
  4. AutoCAD® architectural drawings supplied to your architect
  5. All fasteners and foundation brackets
  6. Interior center shear wall framed with 2”x 6“ studs and sheathed in 7/16” plywood(Note: Duplex units include additional center-wall premium sound proofing using and staggered stud design)
  7. Interior walls and ceiling framed in 3-5/8“ metal studs
  8. Insulation is closed cell spray foam for the roof/wall structure min R28 up to a max of R60. (See full list of the benefits of spray foam including; energy savings, structural strength improvements, mold resistance, waterproofing advantages, exceptional air and moisture barrier properties, and dramatically improved insulation R values.)
  9. Front and back exterior end walls framed with 2”x6” wood studs and sheathed with 7/16" plywood
  10. Sub floors to be cement slab unless otherwise specified
  11. All doors and windows supplied & installed
  12. All exterior cement board cladding and trim on front and back walls
  13. Roadmap to completion project overview to be provided
  14. Estimates based on a relatively flat site and build location within 1.5 hours travel time from Port Coquitlam, BC Canada

Firm Build Quotes Available:

A firm “Client build fixed price contract” to Lockup stage will be provided once all design specifications have been decided, and building drawings have been completed and approved.

Costs that are not part of the standard DwellTech Lock-up package:

  1. Architectural and engineering drawings associated surveys and inspections required for the building permits
  2. Design, construction and permits for a septic field, or well if required
  3. Electrical – Temporary power hook-up for site during building phase, Interior wiring, fixtures and labour, electrical inspections and permits, and final building hookup to city grid
  4. Plumbing – connection to city sewer system and water supply, or septic field if used. Internal plumbing and fixtures
  5. Heating and ventilation materials and labour
  6. Kitchen and bathroom cabinets, closet shelving and doors
  7. Interior appliances, bath fan, range hood
  8. Interior trims, drywall and interior wall painting
  9. Interior fire suppression sprinkler system - if required
  10. Site landscaping, retaining walls, driveway, sidewalks, plants
  11. Flooring material and labour
  12. External decks and or stairs unless specified in the build quote above

The above can be quoted independently by the DwellTech building partner, provided for by a sub contractor or completed by the owner.