Q-Kits™ Building Packages

Q-Kits™ build packages feature a patented steel roof/wall fabrication system known as the "Arches Building System™". At its core are high strength full-span structural roof/wall panels made from 20GA TruZinc® steel. Each continuous arch panel is machine seamed together for unparalleled structural integrity, durability, and weatherproofing.

Q-Kits™ build packages are provided in two stages. In stage 1 all metal building kit components are roll formed, cut to size and packed for construction at our plant located in Port Coquitlam, BC. Then build kits are shipped to the build location in the most economical manner possible in sets of 6 homes which can fit in a standard 40ft high cube trailer.

In stage 2 DwellTech staff manufacture and install the arched roof/wall panels on the build site location. However, construction of the foundations, floors and center walls must be completed in advance of the DwellTech crew and arch forming equipment arrival. We recommend this to be carried out by your choice of a registered building contractor. DwellTech will provide detailed drawings and instructions for your contractor and can also provide build package training if required by special quote.  Standard construction assembly time for the metal floors and walls is approximately 1 day per home.  See our time lapse video of a Q-Kits™ build package being fully assembled. Once all 6 homes are ready to the roof/wall manufacture and installation point the DwellTech crew will arrive with the manufacturing equipment and in approximately 3 days complete all 6 homes. Note the roof/wall manufacture and installation labour is included in your Q-Kits™ Build package price. Freight for your Q-Kits™ packages and transportation cost for the crew and manufacturing equipment will be quoted based on build location.

Once the roof/wall structure has been completed it can be insulated with bat or spray-foam insulation and then clad with 26GA snap lock metal roofing. Metal roofing is available in your colour choice of Spectrascape® SMP, all backed by a 40 Year Roof/Wall Limited Warranty.

6 Building Kits to Choose from:

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Q-Kits 487
487 sq.ft.
2 Bedrooms
1 Bathroom

Q-Kits 487 Duplex
487 sq.ft. - 2 x 1 Bedroom, 1 Bath Suites (244 sq. ft. per side)

Q-Kits 630
630 sq.ft.
2 Bedrooms
1 Bathroom

Q-Kits 731
731 sq.ft
3 Bedrooms
1 Bathroom

Q-Kits 829
829 sq.ft.
2 Bedrooms
2 Bathrooms

Q-Kits 1000
1000 sq.ft.
3 Bedrooms
2 Bathrooms

Build Kit Material Packages Include:

  1. Raised Floor - includes BlueLine™ Metal 8" x 16GA floor joists, tracks, all metal fasteners, and foundation brackets - Floor designed to 76psf to allow for cement floor option if chosen
  2. DwellTech full span structural arch roof/wall panels in 20GA TruZinc®.  DwellTech staff labour included to manufacture and install these on the job site soon after clients completion of floor and center-wall.
  3. Exterior 26GA snap lock metal roof cladding coated in your colour choice of Spectrascape® SMP - 40 Year Limited Warranty
  4. Metal 3-5/8” x 18GA purlins for roof insulation and cladding assembly
  5. Full build plans and instructions - AutoCAD® architectural drawings available for your architect
  6. Interior center shear wall framing components – 3-5/8" x 16GA metal studs and track
  7. Interior walls and ceiling framing components and fasteners - 3-5/8" x 20GA metal studs & track
  8. Front and back exterior end wall components and fasteners -  3-5/8" x 16GA metal studs & track
  9. Full materials list and specifications for items not included in build kit but required for build and budgeting to lock-up


  1. Metal sub floor pans for pouring cement flooring
  2. Larger size purlins available for increased insulation depth and higher R-value rating.  Standard kit supplied 3-5/8” purlins allow for R35.5 using Roxul bat insulation and up to R56.5 with closed cell spray foam.  For 6” purlins R40.5 for bat and R63.5 for spray foam. For 8” purlins R49.5 and R79.5.
  3. On-site Q-Kits assembly and construction training available on a cost per day basis

DwellTech is a metal building components manufacturer. Q-Kits packages only include the metal structural components. All DwellTech arched roof home building packages are designed for construction and finishing by registered building contractors. 

Finished Home Budgeting

Additional costs that are not part of the standard DwellTech Q-Kits build package that should be budgeted for:

  1. Freight – Cost to ship the 6 unit Q-Kits packages to the build location will be quoted based on build site destination. It is estimated that this will require a 40ft high cube trailer.
  2. Equipment and DwellTech crew transportation & lodging.  This will also be quoted based on location and lodging availability.
  3. Windows and doors – full specs will be provided for suggested materials.
  4. Exterior wall cladding.
  5. Insulation – foam board, bat or spray-foam.
  6. Electrical – Temporary power hook-up for site during building phase, Interior wiring, fixtures and labour, electrical inspections and permits, and final building hookup to public power grid.
  7. Plumbing – connection to city sewer system and water supply, or septic field if used. Internal plumbing and fixtures.
  8. Heating and ventilation materials and labour.
  9. Flooring – subfloor and finished flooring material and labour.
  10. Kitchen and bathroom cabinets, closet shelving and doors.
  11. Interior trims, drywall and interior wall painting.
  12. Interior appliances; bath fan, stove, washer & dryer, range hood, etc.
  13. Design, construction, and permits for a septic field, or well if required.
  14. External decks and or stairs.
  15. Site landscaping, retaining walls, driveway, sidewalks, plants
  16. Formal architectural and engineering drawings associated surveys and inspections required for the building permits by Authorities Having Jurisdiction.