DwellTech's Building Process

Traditionally, a Quonset style building begins its life as a modular or pre-fabricated kit, meaning that modules or components of the structure are fabricated off-site and transported installation-ready to the build site. This is where the DwellTech process differs. DwellTech’s unique construction process blends these two processes, which also includes an on-site production of the structural roof/walls using our unique mobile “Arches Building System”.

Q-Kits build packages are built in two stages. In stage 1 all metal building kit components are roll formed, cut to size and packed for construction at our plant located in Port Coquitlam, BC.  Then these build kits are shipped to the build location in the most economical manner possible in sets of 6 homes which can fit in a standard 40ft high cube trailer. 

In stage 2 DwellTech staff manufacture and install the arched roof/wall panels on the build site location. However, construction of the foundations, floors and center walls must be completed in advance of the DwellTech crew and arch forming equipment arrival.  We recommend this to be carried out by your choice of a registered building contractor.  DwellTech will provide detailed drawings and instructions for your contractor and can also provide build package training if required by special quote.  Standard construction assembly time for the metal floors and walls is approximately 1 day per home.  See our time lapse video of a Q-Kits build package being assembled. Once all 6 homes are ready to the roof/wall manufacture and installation point the DwellTech crew will arrive with the fabrication equipment and in approximately 3 days complete all 6 homes. Note: the roof/wall manufacture and installation labour is included in your Q-Kits Build Package price. Freight for your Q-Kits packages and transportation cost for the crew and manufacturing equipment will be quoted based on build location.

Once the roof/wall structure has been completed it can be insulated with bat or spray-foam insulation and then clad with 26GA snap lock metal roofing.  Metal roofing is available in your colour choice of Spectrascape® SMP, all backed by a 40 Year Roof/Wall Limited Warranty..

See below a summary of the steps involved in the assembly and construction process of a standard Q-Kits package.

1) Factory component manufacturing stage – Metal components roll formed, cut to length, and packaged by kit with fasteners and brackets.
2) Build site first steps – site must be excavated and cement foundation built to exact dimensions of chosen kit package - Cement strip footings are most common but design and structure to be determined by a structural engineer - Show home pictured is constructed on piers with a wood foundation as it is not a permanent structure.
3) Onsite Arches Building System equipment setup.
4) Metal raised floor construction with BlueLine metal joists.
5) Building the center shear wall.
6) On-site Fabrication - Curving the TruZinc® structural steel panels into arches.
7a) Installing arched panels.
7b) Installing arched panels.
7c) Installing arched panels.
8) Seaming arched roof panels
CLICK HERE for Video
9) Construction of Front and back walls with BlueLine 14GA metal stud and track.
10) Interior metal stud and track walls and ceiling framing.
11) Installation of Metal 18GA purlins on the exterior of the structure.
12) Roof insulation - Bat or spray foam insulation installed.
13) 3/8” plywood attached to roof purlins, then synthetic underlayment applied.
14) Final step for the roof is application of the snap lock 26GA metal roofing.
15) Installation of ridge cap and cobra venting.
16) Exterior front and back wall insulation – bat and and foam board insulation.
17) Installation of exterior wall lap siding.
18) Flashing and window trims.
19) Installation of doors and windows.
20) Installation of mechanicals – electrical, plumbing, heating.
21) Floor insulation – installation of plywood and bat insulation in floor joists.
22) Installation of subfloor.
23) Interior finishing – Drywall, flooring, fixtures, cabinets, bathroom fixtures, etc.

Q-Kit Assembly Video