Our Building Process

DwellTech’s system-built brings together prefab components and on-site fabrication to create affordable, low maintenance, durable cottages.

Our prices include on-site consultation and building on the Sunshine Coast, Vancouver Island, Fraser Valley, Thompson Okanagan (as far north as Clearwater), and the Central Okanagan (as far south as Osoyoos). We are also available to build in the Gulf Islands, Yukon, Alberta, Washington State and beyond – simply contact us for a consultation.

How We Work with You

Schedule a Consultation to Learn More

Complete our online form to schedule a conversation where we can answer all of your questions and help you make an informed decision.

During this conversation we can discuss zoning, site and foundation requirements, timelines and review on-site building process – as well as answer any specific questions you have about materials, post lock-up finishing, and estimated costs.

If we determine it’s necessary, we can also schedule a consultation on-site at your property.

Cottage Design and Pre-Construction

Choose the model of your cottage or small home, work with our team to address any customizations or changes if desired; select colours, trims and fixtures; and approve the final design.

DwellTech will then provide you with plans for submission to your local municipality for approval.

On-Site Building Process

Once the requisite building permits have been approved, your project can begin.

Before DwellTech can begin to build, you will need to have the foundation completed. Foundation requirements vary from site to site depending on the degree of slope and the soil conditions on a property, and site-specific or geotechnical engineering may be required. DwellTech will provide you with plans, which an engineer can use in conjunction with your site survey to determine the foundation requirements for your specific site location.

After the foundation is completed, we bring our Arches Mobile Building system and raw materials to your site for fabrication of the structural frame, walls and roof, after which our efficient trades team will construct your dwelling to lockup stage. The building process can take between 3 and 5 days, depending on site location, composition and the number of units.

We pride ourselves on an efficient, resource-saving building process that requires minimal trades and produces very little waste, as well as our professional on-site fabrication and construction team who is courteous and respectful of your both your time and property.

For a complete list of prices and what’s included in our Lock-Up and Turn-Key packages, see our Cottages and Small Homes page.

Post Lock-Up – Roadmap to Completion

DwellTech’s cottages and accessory dwellings are built to “Lock Up Stage” on your property. This means you will effectively be able to “lock up” your new cottage when we leave.

After the construction is complete, we will provide you with a detailed Roadmap to Completion to guide you through the finishing process. Our Roadmap outlines the materials, tasks, and estimated costs required to complete your accessory dwelling or cottage beyond lockup stage, saving you time and money. It also includes recommendations to support optimal.

Finishing costs will vary according to site, materials selected, and the number of units being worked on.

Ongoing Support & Warranties

In addition to dedicated support throughout the process, DwellTech will provide up to two complementary follow-up visits to your site to answer questions and provide guidance as you finish your project beyond lockup stage.

DwellTech offers a HPO 2 – 5 -10 warranty on all of its projects: 2 years on labour and materials, 5 years on building envelope, and 10 years on structure.