2 Single Bedroom, 1 Bath Suites

The Portabella is specifically designed for the adventure tourism industry offering side by side rental accommodations separated by a premium sound barrier center-wall insulated to an STC of 57(Building code is 50). The Portabella is an affordable way to increase rental capacity and allow for faster payback on investment. Each suite has an open floorplan, and with 359 sq.ft. per unit enough room for all the standard amenities including either two queen size or one King bed. Curved walls make it a relaxing interior to come back to after a day hiking, skiing or taking in local sights. Have DwellTech build it to Lockup and then you can customize to suit your own unique resort theme.

*DwellTech to provide full limited warranty details for above components and to help in the registration process for said warranties where required.

Design specifications and brands subject to change due to availability and product improvements.